Most of us who contribute to this site have come from a Christian background, and who have later found that we could no longer accept the Trinitarian doctrine – a major doctrine on the teaching of the person of Jesus Christ – when we realized that it has no Scriptural basis – neither in the Tanakh, nor in the Gospels.  We have also searched through the Quranic teaching on Isa Al Masih and what we have discovered is revelatory, that there is no contradiction regarding the events that took place in the life of Jesus. We are Jew, Christian and Muslim in spirit, being part of God’s plan to become His new creation. We are not conforming to any religion; we do not aim to be religious but aim to have a right relationship with God, to be able to walk and commune with God in all circumstances. If you are willing to look beyond the externals of religion and aim for what is spiritual, if you are willing to let go of the traditional doctrines of men, and let the Scriptures speak the truth of life into your heart, then we welcome you to My Journey of Faith.

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