Welcome to My Journey of Faith!

Objective: To search and conduct in-depth studies on the Scriptures for any underlying  spiritual harmony and to see what conclusions can be drawn.

Premise: This site is meant as an open platform for discussion and not for condemnation. We hope that it will help us on this journey of faith, to come to the understanding that there can be no real conflict within the Scriptures, and that apparent conflicts can be resolved through proper study of God’s Scriptures since He is in control and all Scriptures are inspired by Him.

Awareness: We must understand that Satan and his cohorts are here to disrupt the harmony of relationships among mankind, and his sole purpose is to lead mankind to destruction. We must understand that traditions of man are being used by the Evil One to destroy human relationships as well as to destroy man’s relationship with God. Satan works against God’s eternal purpose and wishes to lead man into spiritual blindness. Somehow, Satan has succeeded in his cunning ways. If you are aware of  this then you are on the journey of faith.

History: We need to learn from history to avoid the same pitfalls. Many are unaware of being blinded spiritually. Satan deceived Adam and Eve by casting doubts in their relationship with God. Not too long ago, Communism used repetition as a way to propagate its teaching. When an idea is spoken forth many times people start to believe it even if it were not true. We live in an age of deep spiritual blindness, so many are in spiritual bondage to sin and fear. It is time to wake up and to be free from all these hindrances to faith. But how? It is both difficult and simple. It requires our undivided devotion to God, humbly walking and communing with Him every moment. It is time to commit and submit completely to Him, His truth and His eternal purposes. If you are willing to commit and submit totally to God, then you are ready for this journey of faith.

Which Scriptures? We are studying the Abrahamic Scriptures: the Tanakh (the Jewish Scriptures), the Gospels (the Injeel) and the Quran. Why these? Undeniably, these Scriptures have changed the course of human history. We see one main architect governing these books, he is none other than God Himself. What is God’s eternal plan for man? Is there a common denominator that brings together all these Scriptures? Yes, look closely, if we have eyes to see: the Tanakh points to the coming of the Messiah, he would be a prophet like Moses; the Gospels are about the Messiah Yeshua, who is of Jewish descent, and the Quran, unique in itself, speaks so highly about the Al Masih Isa (Arabic for Yeshua the Messiah) in that it specifically mentions that it was Allah Himself who gave him that name Al Masih Isa. No other prophet was given that special attention and privilege. Herein lies the spiritual connection: these Scriptures point to one God, and one man, His Messiah Yeshua. The one true God is revealing His eternal plan through His Scriptures – for these Scriptures are His Book.

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